5 Easy Tips to Achieve Your Goals in 2017

How was your 2016? Was it filled with adventures and great memories? Or was it a challenging year that gave you many life lessons?

2016 has been a great year for me. I know, kind of cliché, but it really has been a great year for me. I guess I could say I’ve accomplished quite a number of proud moments, despite the challenges that came with it.


January 2016 | Got Married

Izwan and I tied the knot on 10 January after going out for a year. We met on Tinder… and the rest is pretty much history. You can read our story here 🙂

Find out how you too can find love, if you haven’t found yours yet!



February 2016 | Bought A New Car

I finally made an upgrade after 9 years! Bade goodbye to my Proton Savvy and got myself a decent Honda City in ruby red, that I can assure you won’t throw a fit in the middle of the highway.



May 2016 | Purchased My Dream House

I’ve always made excuses for myself for not being able to buy a property – not financially ready, I can’t afford one yet, I’m up to my nose in debt, what I like is too bloody expensive, and the list just keeps on going.


But when you have a better half (or someone close for that matter) who constantly tells you that you CAN do it if you set your priorities right, and manage your finances correctly, things will fall into place accordingly. Not saying that there weren’t any challenges along the way, (of course there were!) but it’s possible.



What I thought could only happen after I retired, occurred much earlier. Finally in May, I bought my first house in Setia Eco Templer, a home in the midst of green luxury, with a calming au natural stream flowing right behind our backyard.


June 2016 | We Got Pregnant

As much as we’d like to enjoy our first marriage year just the two of us, I was worried about my ticking biological clock. We didn’t want to risk it, so we went straight ahead and tried for a baby. Alhamdulillah, things went well, and with the grace of God, we’ll be expecting our little tiger in March 2017.



If you’re expecting little junior in 2017 (for the first time), I’ve shared a list of baby essentials that you can download for free to help declutter your mind on what to buy.


November 2016 | Kicked Off My New Business

I’ve got my hands messed in various businesses before – multilevel marketing ones, conventional ones, online ones… but it all turned sour, or just died off. Mainly because the passion was never really there, or I just had a lack of guidance. Some actually did pretty well, but we partners headed on separate ways (but we still remain good friends).

In 2015 I started Kooky Colours Collection, a small accessories business with Izwan, but it slowed down for a while because I didn’t put my head together to focus in flourishing it. I kept giving myself the same lame excuse – I’m too tired to do this because I have a full time 9-to-5 job! If I keep on holding to that crummy old line, it would get me nowhere and I would be working in corporate until I turn 60! And THAT peeps, is nightmare for me.



Come November 2016, we decided to rebrand the current accessories business and dive into another business venture – skin care! Oooooh, I sooooo loooove skin care and make up! So please stay tuned for Kooky Colours’ facelift and the new beauty product coming to you in March 2017!


Below are some simple steps that I followed which also can be a guidance for you in nailing those goals of yours.


Let’s Get Started!

So now let’s go straight to how YOU can also attain the dreams and goals that YOU WANT – be it small or BIG in 5 Super Simple Steps:


  1. Write down 3 to 5 most important and exciting goals/dreams

You must have heard this before, so many times by experts and those who have successfully achieved goals after goals – they have to be in writing.



Writing down clear, specific and detailed goals gives you a vivid vision of what you want. Write it down and place it where you can see it every day – on your fridge, on your vanity set mirror, in your daily planner, on your computer desktop, etc.

Your goals must be damn important and exciting to you, otherwise you wouldn’t be passionate or compelled to achieve it. Think of things that you really, REALLY want, and that makes you HAPPY.


p/s: Make a vision board! Looking at it on a daily basis could help ignite the excitement.



  1. Set a deadline for each goal

If your goal is big, say a financial goal of making your first RM 100,000 profit, you can break it down to sub-deadlines; such as a quarterly deadline or a bi-monthly deadline.



Deadlines are important for you to track how far you are from your goals. It’s OK if you don’t achieve your goals by the deadline, just set a new deadline. As Brian Tracy puts it, “There are no unreasonable goals, just unreasonable deadlines.”



  1. Structure your goals into a plan

Everything you want to do requires a plan. Even making a simple egg sandwich calls for a simple plan – identifying the recipe, the ingredients, where to buy the ingredients, and so on.



Define and set the actions required to achieve these goals. You can break it down to daily, weekly and monthly action plans. The next stage is to categorize the actions to “urgent” and “not urgent”. Be sure to accomplish the urgent ones as soon as possible. For example, responding to a client’s email inquiry, posting on Instagram or Facebook within the golden window, etc.



  1. Focus and Commit to your goals

To realize and achieve your dreams, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to follow through on your goals. Sometimes we will have days when we are distracted with other daily things in life, we don’t feel like doing anything on the plan list or we’re just not enjoying the ride.

Being committed means getting things done regardless of how sucky things are at that moment. Your goals should be bigger than the challenges that you will face.

Remember the sheer determination you had of wanting to own that Speedy Louis Vuitton handbag so badly? And at the end of the day, it became yours – after all the savings that you’ve put aside and the side business that you did to earn extra income. Well, the same goes with your 2017 goals! It should be the same fire burning in your heart.



  1. Have loads of fun!

Yeah, have fun and enjoy the journey! Enjoy the ups and downs as all that will be the best lessons in life. Again, this might sound like another cliché, but it certainly is true.

If it helps, share your goals with someone close to you who can genuinely support you mentally and give you that needed motivational boost. I’ve got my husband to help me keep track of my plans when I run off course (quite frequently, mind you!). It can be your spouse, your bestie or mummy dearest! Anyone that’s not toxic!


Download this free Goal Setting Template that’s simple to use to get you kick-off 2017 with a bang!


Good Luck!


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