FifteenFourFive : Being fashionable without burning a hole in your wallet

If you’re a chick with ‘gutsy’ as your middle name, and a predilection for bold or unconventional jewelry and accessories, I would suggest you take a peek at this burgeoning online shop, FifteenFourFive.

FifteenFourFive specializes in women’s fashion accessories. Each item in their collection is carefully selected – you can hardly find a piece that doesn’t scream fearless.

Inspired by fresh and vibrant fashion icons Victoria Beckham, Kendall and Kylie Jenner; the brand lives up to the tagline “Get Your Shine On”, by making the effort to ensure that every accessory carries a story of its own.


Blue Boho Necklace set – the rose gold spiral sealed the deal.


 Blue boldness: This statement necklace can pretty much fix any plain, dull outfit.


I know! My third pick of blue piece. Elsa would go nuts over this one.

Blue just happens to be one of my favorite colours, so don’t fret, FifteenFourFive also offer a wide range of royal-esque accessories, for those with an appetite for gold or silver.



A classy pair: Nail bangles in gold and silver, studded with simulated diamonds.

Some brownie points for FifteenFourFive:

  • They create an avenue for women to hop on the fashion forward bandwagon by offering ridiculously affordable prices and further discounts for their loyal customers. You’ll get free membership if you’re a regular customer or if you purchase items worth RM150 and above for the first time, you’re given membership automatically.
  • Most of FifteenFourFive’s accessories are coated with a protective layer to enhance durability – so you can wear your favorite piece over and over again, for an extended period of time (this however is if you take good care of the item).
  • What you see, is what you get – I’m happy to say that a lot of the items in the photos are very similar to the actual merchandise.
  • Quick response to enquiries – they’re pretty prompt in replying to you, keeping it within 24 hours.

FifteenFourFive also made its red carpet debut during the ‘Anugerah Meletop Era’, worn by actress Ainul Aishah.


And this here is my first FifteenFourFive. The pop-colour bangle is mine for keeps.


Find out more by following FifteenFourFive, here:


Instagram: @fifteenfourfive

WeChat: fifteenfourfive


Get ready to be spoiled for choice!

Tip: If you like an item, bag it! FifteenFourFive maintains a limited number of pieces for each design to maintain exclusivity.



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