The Chiling Falls Expedition

I’m not a huge fan of rivers and waterfalls – more of a beach person. But I guess there’s no harm in popping by once in a while.

Izwan suggested we did an ad hoc trip to Chiling Waterfalls, Kuala Kubu, Selangor – never been there, but I’ve heard great reviews about it. I managed to rally a few friends to join us on this short Saturday trip. We were all excited, not knowing the challenge that was waiting for us.

Here’s a piece of advice – if you’re not an avid trekker or climber, or have never done any form of fitness activity EVER, you might want to take it easy on the climbing and crossing-rivers adventure. Avoid wearing slippery flip flops or non-gripping shoes. Don’t act like a hero if you don’t know jack about what you’re doing. Most importantly, be careful and be safe!

Despite the precarious (and oh-so-tiring) climb, the scenery was breathtaking! Definitely worth the sweat and tears (and are-we-there-yet whining). After crossing a number of streams and rivers, it took over an hour to reach the best part of the Chiling Waterfall.

If you plan to go with friends, make sure there’s someone with you who knows the trail well and always avoid rainy days.


The water was so refreshing! And cold to the bones!


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