Dancing Away Calories with Zumba®

I love watching super wicked dance routines on YouTube. Like a small kid, I’d pretend that it was me as the ripping dancer nailing every kick-ass move.

Le sigh.

I can’t coordinate myself to a choreographed dance routine to save my life!

The closest form of dance I could get away with is Zumba.

One of my girlfriends signed me and cousin up for the Largest Zumba® Fitness Party by SCORE FitMob on 18 January 2015. I really wanted Izwan to join this event, but he knocked the idea off the shelf and gave me the notion that he was to cool for Zumba. Pffftt.


I thought it would be a good start to kick-off the year with a healthy activity. Besides, I was already feeling the intense pressure of dating a duathlete.

On that Sunday morning we drove to Stadium Merdeka, all set to shake our bonbons and sweat off the calories. As we stepped into the stadium, a sea of neon green minions were already moving to the blaring beat of some Latino song.


No thanks to tardiness, we had to squeeze somewhere at the back.

Well of course 80% of the participants were women. My personal deduction is that the men present on that day comprised of two categories:

  1. Blackmailed by their other half – I could tell by the constipated look on their faces every time the instructor did a twerk-like move
  2. Thick-skinned and have no qualms to do Zumba in public – Zumba does not threaten their manliness

The party lasted for 2 whole hours. I almost sprained my hips. During the last hour I started to sloppily dance and move out of course. I glanced at Dayo and she seemed like she could go on until the next day.

At about 9.00 am, the sun started to kiss everyone with its ray, and my batteries were running really low. I have so much respect for the 15 Zumba instructors that went on turbo mode without a speck of exhaustion. In fact, my respect goes out to all Zumba instructors! This thing ain’t a walk in the park, dude!

Did you know that an hour of full intensity Zumba can burn off between 350 to 650 calories? There’s no definite number, however it’s good to know that Zumba is another great option to a full workout, if the treadmill is not your cup of tea.

Despite morphing into an overcooked pak choi, the Zumba Party was a great experience! This was the start of my healthy lifestyle (sort of, I’m getting there).

To my surprise, they gave out medals to all who stayed on until the end. And a nicely designed medal it was!


Yay! My first ever non-basketball-related medal!



Not bad, huh?


My cousin Dayo and I; pretty roasted.

Would I participate in this Zumba® Fitness Party by SCORE FitMob if they do it again next year?

Yes, I definitely would. The medal’s really pretty…

It’s fun. It burns calories. Did I already mention fun? It doesn’t matter if you look goofy while doing it. Who cares? Taylor Swift is a bad dancer too.

Would I recommend this to others?

Yes, indeed I would!

Why not? Go in a group. It’s always, always more happening and fun when you go with friends!

Next year’s mission is to get Izwan to participate. Are you reading this, honey?

Later, Fab Folks! xoxo



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