My First Impression on Cushion Foundation

Going into my 5th month of pregnancy, a sudden surge in make-up and cosmetics craze developed. Bought myself some new stuff from Sephora and looks like I ain’t stopping there.

I’ve been seeing a lot of cushion foundations on social media, and I [with this craze for make-up that I currently have] decided to purchase one and try it out myself! Yayy!

I loved it! I simply loved it! I love how easy it is to apply, and how it settles on my face.

Before buying one for myself, I did ask some friends what they thought about it and watched a lot of reviews on YouTube. My close friends weren’t a fan of it, but the reviews on YouTube were quite convincing, so, what’s there to lose, right?

Here’s a video of me trying out the Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion for the first time – I soooo love the first time experience!


My take is that as long as you use the right tone and type of foundation for your skin, it’ll work well on your face.

Since I have combination skin, I avoid using the ones that give a dewy finish – always, ALWAYS ask for the beauty consultant’s help to apply a few shades on the side of your face to ensure you get the perfect tone, and the perfect finish.

p/s: Please excuse my amateur hosting – will do better next time


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