The Noob Runner Series: 9to5 Run 2015

The post-first-run high lasted for quite some time. Registering for races was the equivalent to online shopping!

My second 10km race was the 9 to 5 Run. This time Izwan said that he’d run with me, as my personal pacer. Aww… how sweet.

Well, the sweetness turned into intermittent sourness when he constantly pestered me to keep running even when I was at the brink of ‘dying’.

“Lari! Jangan malas!” (Run! Don’t be lazy!)

Boy, did I feel like swapping him with a skillet.

But in the end, I survived!

Don’t bother asking about my timing – I’m not quite there yet.


Second 10K medal to add to my collection! Thanks, Sweets! 


We didn’t stay for the lucky draw though. I was too disoriented and hungry – neither a Volkswagen Polo nor a Proton Iriz could make me stay. I had nasi lemak and char kuay teow waiting for me at Subang Ria KJ. That was a far more crucial appointment I couldn’t afford to miss.



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