The Noob Runner Series: Colour-Bombed at Larian Spektra 2015

In pursuit of leading a healthy and fit life, I went on a ‘running-registration’ streak.

After popping my 10K cherry (heh), I registered for multiple 10K races, spreading it across the first half of the year. I was struck by some weird post-first-run fit – which I guess is a good thing. This meant that my hatred towards running was instantaneously debunked!

In previous years, I’d see my Facebook feed filled with photos of an event called the ‘Colour Run’ which I thought was kind of fun. Deep down inside I wanted to rally a couple of friends to participate (it’s just 5km anyway), but the idea always died out eventually. And that happened year after year.

Until this year – a colleague of mine who happens to be an avid runner asked our small (office) running group if anyone was interested to take part in ‘Larian Spektra Universiti Malaya’, another version of colour run, just named differently and organized by a bunch of university students.

Since I was on a post-first-run high, I swiftly texted Izwan, Mr. Fiancé, asking if he’d like to join in the fun.

He’d always say yes, as long as I handled the registration process. You see, I don’t get this section about men. Why do women always end up with the administration work?

Anyway, back to my story, we roped in Izwan’s brother, Azim as well.

The morning of 26 April 2015…


Pre-run: All nice and clean.



The war zone: First colour attack.


That’s my excited face.


 Izwan lookin’ purrrddyyyy…


 Azim’s mug shot.



My right ear was filled with colour powder – which lasted for weeks.

I kid.

Which lasted for months!





Here are some tips for your future colour run:

  1. Opt to wear ear muffs or a scarf/buff to wrap your ears – trust me, you do not want to have purple powder as your ear canal inhabitants.
  2. If you feel that tip #1 is a bit of a killjoy, make sure you visit the doctor’s to suck out the remaining gunk in your ears after the event.
  3. In the midst of a colour attack, keep your mouth shut. Unless you don’t mind feasting on colour powder.
  4. Opt to wear sunnies (cheap ones would do) – if you have sensitive eyes, this would help. Besides, sunnies always make you look cooler.
  5. Leave your 2XU compression top and tights at home. Dude, please, it’s a 5km fun run.

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