The Noob Runner Series: Reach Out Run 2015 – I’m running for you, honey

After the excruciating Viper Arena (#ChallengeInTheDark) on May 23, I pledged one more final run just before the fasting month of Ramadhan – the Reach Out Run: Run for A Cause event, held at Putrajaya on 14 June 2015. From the name alone you can already gauge the purpose of this event – targeted to raise funds for selected beneficiary organizations, essentially for a noble cause.

I told Izwan that morning in the car on the way to Putrajaya, “Hey, this ‘Run for A Cause’ thing… My cause is you. I’m running for you.”

That was the noblest of all nobles a girl would do for her guy.

Or so I thought.

That was THE cue for him to pat me on the head, or put his arms around me and give me that loving, warm hug… and say, “Thank you, darling.”

Nope. Didn’t happen.



Oh well. I tried.


I think I did a lot better this time around – shaved off a few minutes from my previous run. You gotta give ‘em thunder thighs some credit. It ain’t easy dragging 2 timbers throughout 10 kilometers.

In the rain.

With a full bladder.

And no portable toilet in sight.

So that was the season’s finale. I had running in mind during Ramadhan month. I envisioned running (or brisk walking, the least) half an hour before breaking fast, or after tarawikh prayers… or even during my menstrual cycle, since I was able to eat and drink, I didn’t have a reason to totally abandon running during the fasting month.

Yeah… didn’t happen.

My Training for Reach Out Run 2015

I kept to the same training for my 10K Malaysian Women Marathon. During the weekdays, I’d incorporate some weight workouts too, apart from the 30-minute HIIT intervals on the treadmill.

On weekends I’d do 5km at Kiara Park TTDI and a couple of 10km runs near KLGCC along the highway a week or two before D-day.

This training here is for the laziest of lazy runners like me. If you’re all pumped up and have ample time under your belt, by all means, increase the miles and don’t cheat during your weight workouts. Don’t overdo it either. Know when to give your body a break, and don’t skip on eating healthily.

I noticed that since I started running and working out at the gym, I get hungry faster than I usually do.

  • Eat on time, and don’t skip meals.
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Stay away from sweet drinks.

I honestly struggle giving up my daily latte and my cookie snacks, but if you want fast results, the latte has to go – however, if you must, and not taking it will result in kittens dying, then try with only ONE cup a day – sugarless. The cookie however, MUST GO.

The topic on healthy eating is too vast to be covered in one post.

Let’s chat about that more soon, alright?



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