Running For Love

We personally don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day – nothing against it, just not something we take seriously.

However, on the contrary this year, I thought maybe we could do something cheesy and Valentine’s-y, just for kicks.

So I signed both of us up for the SCORE Cupid Dash event – a 3.5km fun run held at Kepong Metropolitan Park; where people usually fly their kites (literally, not metaphorically).


The His-and-Hers race kit; which cheekily came with a tiny Sloggi thong.

We were slightly late – cars started to pile on the roadside as people preferred to double park near the entrance rather than opting for a proper parking space which was a mere 500m down the road.


I call this the Cupid Dash Corny Course.

Let’s be honest. Who in their right state of mind would go through the trouble to ‘die-die-do-all’ of the love birds’ activities at every pit stop? The queues were agonizingly long.

Oh, well.

Apparently, many would.

We only nailed a few that we thought were quite alright. Some were a bit too cheesy for our brains to process. In all, it was a fun and good experience.


The first pit stop.


 The Fated Love Toss


I wanted to throw in my orange just for the heck of it, but Izwan (being half Chinese) told me to eat the fruit instead.

“No need to toss. It’s only for those who are looking for a partner.”


“Makan aje lah.” (Just eat it.)

As you can see that’s a half-eaten orange in my right hand.




 A pair to add on to his collection.

Million Dollar Question – Would I repeat this next year?

Most likely not. Although it was a fun experience, an encore is unnecessary.

Would I recommend this to others?

If you collect medals for a living – then by all means, knock yourself out! However, I do feel that it was priced on the high side.

If your other half has no qualms participating in less macho events – then yes, doing silly things together just adds more spark to the relationship.

If you don’t have a boyfriend, but you’re itching to go – then drag your bestie! Girlfriends always have more fun together.



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