KL Car-Free Morning

The last time I cycled was probably over 20 years ago. Surprisingly, I still remember how to ride a bike! Yayy!

After 2 decades, I said yes to Izwan’s sweet talk in joining him to go cycling on Sunday during the KL Car-Free morning. I tried talking him into letting me jog while he can do his thing with his bike – that obviously didn’t work.

I ended up buying a generously discounted helmet at one of TTDI’s famous bike shops the day before, and borrowed everything else from Izwan – including the butt-padded tights.

When you think you can just stroll along and enjoy the scenery, a voice from behind yells “Kayuh, kayuh, kayuh! Jangan malas!” (Keep cycling! Don’t be lazy!)

God knows how butt-hurt I was, literally!




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