Best Shape of Our Lives: Prologue

10th September 2015 marks exactly 4 months until Izwan shakes the hand of the qadi, legalizing us as husband and wife. Yikes!

It’s a norm for couples wanting to look great and be in the best shape for their wedding day. Besides looking spiffy in wedding photos that you’ve paid thousands of moolah for, you want to be able to feel physically stunning too.



Both of us are currently… well, slightly bordering the ‘fluffy’ zone. Before I met Izwan, I weighed between 58kg to 63kg, at 163cm tall. The weight then catapulted itself surpassing the 65kg mark and now stagnant at 67kg. If I don’t act on it, I would be 70kg in a few blinks.


  • My weight went down during Ramadhan (fasting month). Ramadhan is a tricky period. There’s a chance that a person can lose a significant amount of weight, or the total opposite can happen if you don’t watch what you eat, and resort to sleeping throughout the day.
  • The pounds shot over the 65kg mark and plateaued at 67kg during Raya Aidilfitri onwards – festivity food was the culprit! This also happened because:
    • I did not engage in any intense exercise (at all!) during Ramadhan and Raya month. We only did a few runs during the weekends, but that didn’t produce any results.
    • I also snacked in the office (a lot!) – cookies, 3-in-1 drinks, latte here, mocha there, you name it, I snacked it.


To look your best on your wedding day is a superficial reason to lose weight. Some people stack back the pounds 4 to 6 months into their marriage.

We want to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain fit as we possibly can. Getting married towards mid 30’s warrants you to be fit and energetic parents for your future children. Imagine not being able to keep up with your active toddler – you’ll miss out on a lot of fun and quality time because you’re just… well, too tired.


Come and join us throughout the ‘Best Shape of Our Lives’ journey! If you’re looking forward to lose weight via an active lifestyle, let’s do this together. It’ll be fun!

Catch you in the next post!



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