How I got Started On My Dreams

I was in labor for over 5 hours, with 2 cups of apple juice, a cup of hot milk tea and a few fish crackers in between before I could give birth to the first introductory line about myself.

I’m Maylin, one half of the Fab Squad.

WAS: An actuarial graduate who fled the financial scene after 3 years painstakingly crunching numbers.

AM: A Public Affairs/Public Relations/Communications go-to person. I answered my calling of becoming an event manager cum PR specialist in several companies, and never looked back (OK, I took a peak once or twice just to make sure I made the right choice). Not the most perfect wordsmith, but indeed I have a penchant for sharing the mini episodes in my not-so-ordinary life.

STORY OF MY LIFE: After 2 weeks of major left-swiping, I met my fiancé a.k.a the other half of Fab Squad a.k.a. Izwan on Tinder, an app I (initially) didn’t have an iota of faith in. Ironically, the one app that I did not believe in became my salvation*.

Pre-Izwan, I led a mundane and probably un-purposeful, lifeless routine.

  • No goals.
  • Vague dreams.
  • Going with the flow.

And the dangerous part is – I thought I was doing just fine…

Until one fine day, while we were driving around town, Izwan asked me the simplest of all questions, “Tell me about your dreams.”

Complete silence.

It struck a chord – I didn’t really have any. Not one. None.

So, you guessed it right. Then onwards, I received daily coaching from Izwan, of which most of them were ultra-tear-jerkers.

Fastforward – I did pretty much a lot of things under the sun that I said I wouldn’t.

  • I have reverted to the religion of running.
  • I’ve climbed over 8-ft walls and lugged 20kg sandbags over my shoulders, without accidently pooping in my knickers.
  • I cycle close to 20km on freaking [alternate] Sunday mornings, without burning my in-betweens! Yay to that!
  • I now Have. Life. Goals.

* * *

Out of curiosity, and be honest to yourself:

  • Are you currently living in oblivion?
  • Can you paint a vivid picture of your destination?
  • Do you share the same sentiment as I did about my non-existent life goals?

Just some thoughts to ponder.

Till next post, Fab Folks!



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