The Noob Runner Series: Viper Arena 2015 – Challenge In The Dark

Back in November 2014, Izwan and four more friends rallied up to participate in the brand spanking new Viper Challenge series. The very first of its kind was held in Sepang – a 21km obstacle challenge, with obstacles at every kilometer. It tested their physical and mental state, pushing them to the edge of mild insanity.

As expected, another Viper version emerged, and we (Kooky Runners) all signed up for the Viper Arena – Challenge In The Dark. Don’t be fooled, the obstacles were not done in a pitch black warehouse. It was a well-organized night event at Stadium Malawati Shah Alam. A much lighter version of the inaugural Viper Challenge in 2014, sans the sun! Yayy!

Being my very first obstacle challenge (corporate team buildings don’t count!), I loved every bit of the experience. I loved the team work that it squeezed out of each participant, regardless of team or who you were to each other. It’s events like these that make people come together despite their differences.


The day we officially wore the Kooky Runners running tee.

Us girls all giggly and excited before our session started.

Check out the video of us heaving our heavy butts over the 7-feet wall below:



Some tips on obstacle challenge runs (for newbies):

  1.  Wear tights. And under those tights wear dark coloured panties/briefs – in case your tights decide to rip apart and reveal your tush after several episodes of wall climbing.
  2. Wear gloves. Not gardening gloves, but fitness gloves that give you ample palm protection and a good grip.
  3. Sufficiently hydrate yourself, but make sure to unload your bowel and drain your bladder before the race. It’s such a nuisance when mother nature makes an emergency call in the midst of lugging a 20kg bag of sand over your shoulders.
  4. Have fun! But don’t force yourself to do a tricky/challenging obstacle alone – always make sure there’s someone there to support you both mentally and physically.


The Victory Jump!


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