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Surviving Early Pregnancy Stages


I’ve wanted to document my pregnancy journey since day one, but I have a bad habit of putting things on hold longer than it should. It’s as if I have procrastination as a profession. Not good! Definitely something I’ve been struggling to make better, or eliminate altogether. Will talk about that in another episode.

Anyway, I’m already 27 weeks into my pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, yayy! This little tiger finally decided to reveal its genitals to us parents earlier this month. And we’re having a baby –

Wait for it…

Naah… wait until March 2017.


The Gender Prediction

After the 20th week, I’ve had quite a number of ‘ahli nujum’s (fortune-tellers) that came up to me and suggested that I will be having a baby girl due to the shape of my belly. Then another group of ahli nujums said otherwise because my behavior and tendencies showed signs of a baby boy. Being my first cub, I too got sucked into the whole ‘predicting baby’s gender’ fiasco, and started Googling for signs. I even did the ‘Baby Gender Predictor Quiz’ online. It was fun, but I had to keep reminding myself that it doesn’t matter, as long as we have a healthy (plump please!) baby.



According to Sharon Mass, MD, a practicing ob-gyn, and clinical assistant professor at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, “Sometimes people take what’s said online at higher value than what their physician says. Make sure you know the source of what you’re paying attention to or sharing.” (Source: First time mothers like me are usually the most susceptible to pregnancy myths – so I guess it’s good to always cross check your online references with your midwife or ob-gyn to get some peace of mind.


Morning Sickness… All-Day Sickness, more like!

During my first trimester I had rough episodes of nausea and puking. Even water tasted yucky back then. I’d throw up in the car almost every day on my way to work, and back. Which brings me to the first day of my vomiting series – quite epic, because I didn’t see it coming. It’s God’s divine intervention of giving you punishment in cash for bragging about not having morning sickness. Long story short, the lasagna I had for breakfast that epic morning didn’t smell so good on my baju kurung.



My morning sickness lasted for a month, and on one of those vomiting days, it sent me straight to the hospital for dehydration. I was administered 6 drip bags of fluid containing numerous necessary drugs and vitamins. Alhamdulillah, things got better the next day. I immediately regained my appetite – probably a bit too much now, thanks to the vitamins.


Morning Sickness Survival Tips

There are tons of online references that can help you through rough patches of pregnancy. My favorite one is You can download the BabyCenter app on your smartphone; it makes your life much easier. I love the weekly pregnancy updates of your growing baby, and useful tips it offers. The app is also easy to navigate – great for people like me who love idiot-proof technology.


Here are some tips I gathered that can help with morning sickness:


  1. Eat in small portions, but often: Morning sickness with an empty tummy is THE WORST EVER experience, ever. Eating little and in small portions can help keep sugar levels even. Keep snacks nearby for munching throughout the day. Try nuts, dried apricots, raisins, Kellogg’s Special K (it worked for me), apples or pears.


  1. Drinking between meals: But what to do when drinking water makes you want to throw up?



  • Try squeezing fresh lemon into iced/chilled water. It worked wonders for me. It worked for Alyssa Milano too!
  • Alternatively, add slices of fresh peeled ginger or peppermint leaves in a jug of chilled water. You can also have both lemon and peppermint leaves in your drink. Mix it up, and test whichever works for you.
  • Avoid drinking water or any fluids with your meals. Drink 20 minutes after you’ve finished your meal.
  • However, do avoid drinking water on an empty tummy. Don’t even try!
  • If all the above don’t work, try lemonade or orange juice – the sour flavor usually helps in keeping the fluid down.


  1. Forget about work: You know well that you won’t be able to focus on your work. Staring at mind-bugging data on your laptop will just make you more stressed out and nauseous. Your ob-gyn will understand and ensure you get that deserved rest you need.


  1. Figure out which food works well for you: There’s no definite rule for which food will work best for all morning sickness ‘victims’. I tried bland cream crackers – and voila! It stayed down! I noticed that spicy and oily food gave me an upset tummy, so did fatty and sugary food like cakes and cream centre biscuits.



  1. Lie down: If you’re at work, and suddenly your head is spinning, and your tummy feels like it’s about to erupt, quickly escape into the ‘mothers’ room’ or praying room (surau) to catch up on some much needed rest. It should subside after about an hour of some shut-eye. Do, however inform your boss before you go missing.


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