The Noob Runner Series: SCKLM 2015 – Haze on Our Parade

The highly anticipated annual Kuala Lumpur marathon was turned to dust when the organizers of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2015 announced the cancellation of the race due to unhealthy PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) readings throughout KL and Selangor.


Dataran Merdeka in shades of grey – Noon-ish, Oct 3, 2015.


It was supposed to be my 2nd half marathon after my first at the PJ Half Marathon – I know, I owe you that story!

Izwan was to do his full marathon, but I guess it was also a good thing for it to be cancelled. The dude’s leg is in no condition to run a full stretch 42km – a continuous muscle pull from last 2 week’s BJJ class and a bad blister on the side of his right toe. He would be limping after 10km.

Many runners joked that they were looking forward to becoming ‘Haze Runners’.


The Haze Runner: The Smoke Trials

Whoever came up with this is pure genius!

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We tried to have fun while we could though!


Donald and Daisy on the way to pick-up the race kit on Saturday, before they officially announced the cancellation.



Quack! Quack!



Personal best – under 30 minutes; from Kelana Jaya LRT to Dataran Merdeka.



Yus and I: She was all psyched up about the race, but Indonesia hazed on her parade.


Oh well. Maybe next year – if I don’t get knocked up!



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