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Baby Essentials Encyclopedia (Part 1)


We’re 27 weeks today, and the only items that I bought for bébé are some real cool superhero baby clothes. And a little cute beanie with little bear ears.

Our friends who are also first time parents like us started purchasing loads of stuff in their first trimester. While some friends told me they bought the baby’s essentials at the very last minute.


Will Baby M be on #TeamSuperman or #TeamBatman?


There’s no right or wrong on when you should start the baby shopping spree, as long as you have all the important items before the little bean slides out (if only it is really that easy of an entrance into this world).


What to buy?

Optimally, good bargains are great at baby expos. Unfortunately we missed the last baby expo in November, and the next one is in late March 2017! Exactly when I’m due to pop! Bummer.

We’re left with the year-end sales and some good offers by online stores.

The cool thing about being among the last ones to get pregnant among friends is that you have them as your referral point! Apart from the vast information that you can get online, your experienced friends are also the best baby shopping directory you can have.

My friend Ili was kind enough to share with me her baby shopping list, which I made some edits to –

feel free to download it HERE!


There are 2 sections:


  1. Shopping list before the baby comes: I had quite a headache looking at the list. However there are things that are not critical for newborns, and can be purchased later on, if budget is a constraint.    (Tip: For those who don’t mind hand-downs, scout around and ask relatives or close friends whether they have any baby items/accessories that are still in good condition that they’d like to give away – or sell off for a fraction of the original price. I’m getting my Medela breast pump from a dear friend for a great price too!)


  1. Items that go into the Hospital Bag: You can start buying the items whenever you like, as long as you have everything packed by the 34th In case the baby decides that he can’t wait to see the world!


When should I start buying baby stuff?

There’s no right or wrong on when parents should start purchasing baby essentials and other necessary accessories for the future newborn.

However, some mothers prefer to wait after a certain timeframe – with the thought of not wanting to jinx things. The fear of a miscarriage or no heartbeat deters some parents from buying baby items at the early pregnancy stage.

After scouring some forums, I managed to gather some info from experienced mothers, supported with some scientific statistics. After the 10th week of pregnancy, chances of miscarriages are low, especially after an ultrasound scan is done by your midwife or ob-gyn. They will be the experts in reassuring that things will be OK, or extra care is needed. (Source: So, statistically speaking, after the 16th week, you’re in the ‘safe’ zone.


Baby Essentials Encyclopedia (Part 1)

My husband and I were equally clueless (and confused!) with some of the items on the checklist. Like, what’s the difference between onesies and bodysuits and rompers and sleepsuits? Then, there’s the bunny rug. I thought we were buying for a baby, not a bunny! #ConfusedParents


Rompers? Jumpsuit? Sleepsuit? They all look the same!



Here are some items to detangle your puzzled mind:


Sleepsuits: An all-in-one suit made from cotton (or fleece ones for winter). Covers baby’s feet and it has sewed-on little gloves that you can pull over the baby’s hands.


Baby Sleepsuits


Rompers: Similar to sleepsuits, but with open feet and hands.


Baby Rompers


Bodysuits: Vest-like, available in long and short sleeves, or sleeveless, with no legs.Use as first layer you put on the baby. Made from soft cotton and the poppers/snap buttons fasten underneath nappy and keep everything snug.


Baby Bodysuits


Different brands call their all-in-ones with different names. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which is which, or what they are called, but it’s a matter of personal preference, and how it suits the occasion or weather.



Bunny Rugs: A small, lightweight blanket used for wrapping a newborn baby. Usually made of cotton, a little stretchy and is slightly warmer than a muslin wrap. Apart from wrapping the baby, you can use it to cover the pram/stroller/bassinet or placed on the floor for the baby to lay on.


Bunny Rug


Muslin Wraps: A lightweight cotton cloth in a plain weave – can be used for swaddling the baby, as spit up cloths over your shoulder when burping her, as a pram/stroller sunshade, a breastfeeding cover when you’re in public and used for many more purposes.


Muslin Wrap


So there’s a fraction of baby essentials that got our head spinning for the last few days. I’ll be updating more stuff that we will be buying in future. (Hint: A stroller is on its way!)


PART – 2




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