We Tied the Knot

We got hitched!!

Let’s just say that everything happened so fast (but in a good way kind of fast).

Unexpectedly, Izwan (sort of) popped the question slightly over a month after we started getting to know each other.

Yes, you read it right – after a month. Was I skeptical? Maybe… Was I thrilled? Of course I was! To the bones!

I still remember vividly the historical moment (that lacked romantic essence) at Artisan Coffee in Petaling Jaya…

“So sekarang ni macam mana? Apa future plans?” (“How now? What are your future plans?”) he asked.

The blurry minded me thought he was asking about my career.

After he laid out what he actually meant, he instantly took out his iPad and started typing a wedding “To Do List”. Talk about not wasting any precious time!

There were definitely some dramatic moments in between before the traditional engagement ceremony, but it all turned out well, Alhamdulillah.


The Aqad (Solumnisation)

Check out the video of our solemnization ceremony in Masjid Al Malik, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. My dad choked up in tears in the midst of giving me away – something I didn’t see coming AT ALL. If you know my dad personally (all-time goofy old man), you’d probably find it surprising and heartwarming all at the same time too 🙂




The Wedding Reception in Penang

And here’s a treat of our gardenesque wedding reception at Anjung Budi, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.




The Wedding Reception in Kelana Jaya

According to usual Malay tradition, after the solemnization and wedding reception held at the bride’s hometown, another wedding reception or ceremony called ‘bertandang’ will be held at the groom’s hometown. This is a Malay custom where the groom will introduce the newlywed wife to his family members.




Photographer in Penang: Detik Indah Photography

Photographer in Kelana Jaya: Zwan Daud

Videographer in Penang and Kelana Jaya: Creative Pixel Productions


…and of course, we actually did a pre-wedding video too!



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